San Diego LDS Temple Wedding First Look | Zackary and Noelle

You may be wondering what is a first look? Also called a reveal or formal session. But it’s pretty much how it sounds. It’s the Groom’s first time seeing his bride. These sessions are really special and I love doing them. There are some who are a little more traditional and don’t want to see each other until the walk down the aisle or on the wedding day. But, in my experience, especially for LDS couples, these sessions are very intimate and magical.
When time is limited after the ceremony, first look sessions give the bride and groom more time enjoying their guests while also getting all of the many beautiful images they have always wanted. It’s also so much less stress come time for the wedding day.
Zack and Noelle decided to do a first look session for a couple reasons. First of all, on the day that their wedding was scheduled, there were over 20 weddings being held at the LDS Temple in San Diego. Having one wedding somewhere is eventful enough…but can you imagine 20 brides and grooms? 20 Bridal parties? 20 sets of Families? All in one place? Now granted, it was spread out over the day but still that’s a lot of people!
Another reason that the first look session was important for Zack and Noelle, is it gave an opportunity for us to capture Zack’s reaction to seeing his beautiful bride, Noelle for the first time in her beautiful wedding gown. And wow! I just love Zack’s emotion reaction! It was the most precious thing to see and capture.

Noelle was such a gorgeous bride. She was so giddy with excitement to have her groom see her.

It was so cute to tease Zack a little, making him wait to see Noelle while we took a few pictures.


Both families were just as excited to see the first look and the reaction.


Can you feel how much love Zack has for Noelle? Not a dry eye anywhere.

This day will be continued with a post of the formals and then another with the wedding day.
I am so blessed to have been asked to capture this amazing moment for Zack, Noelle and their families.

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